How We Abandoned the Human Rights of Our Most Vulnerable Citizens

By: James Dold

As the 1994 crime bill was being signed into law two prominent academics began issuing a stark new warning to America about the coming wave of juvenile ‘Super-Predators’ who were more violent and less remorseful than…

By David Stewart, M.A.

The propensity for violence and bullying in schools is an unfortunate reality in our children’s day to day lives. As a teacher at Centennial High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, I work every day with the victims and perpetrators, alike. I have counseled students struggling with…

A Resolution on Children’s Rights Day

Today is Children’s Rights Day. You wouldn’t know it though if you looked at all the human rights abuses that are committed against children every day. In the United States, Child Protective Services estimates that 63,000 children are sexually abused each year. Roughly 1…

A Human Rights View on the Opioid Epidemic Strangling Our Nation

Ten years ago, my cousin and best friend, Justin, died from an opioid overdose. Before his wife found him cold and unresponsive in the early morning of that fateful August day, he had taken several prescription opioids (the toxicology…

Human Rights for Kids

We’re a non-profit dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights for children.

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